Overview Hyper-V, Quota, RDS, WDS, Share

Sharing trough File and Storage Services

Select Sharing trough File and Storage Services in the Server Manager

Go to Shares > Click on Tasks > New Share

Keep original selection of SMB Share-Quick
Next >

Select the volume you want to store your share on, preferably not the volume where you have installed your OS
Next >

Specify the share name and if necessary change the local path to the share.
Next >


Keep other settings as is
Next >

Select Customize permissions

Go to the tab Share

Select Add

Click on Select a principal

Click on Advanced

Click on Find now and select the group or user you want to share the location with

Give the Access you want the group/user to have
Ok >

Remove if necessary the Everyone access,
Ok >
And in the Permissions tab click on Next >Create

Wait for the creation to be completed and the you have a working share.