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Windows Server Backup Install
Go to add roles and features, skip the first few screens until you-re at the tab Features, select Windows Server Backup, then Next >, Install.

Go to Tools and click on Windows Server Backup. Right click on Local Backup and click on Backup Schedule.

Skip the Getting Started window, and select Custom on the Backup Configuration. Next >

In the Select Items For Backup then click on Add Items and then select Bare metal recovery and System State.

Next >

Specify the backup time you want, Next >

Select the Destination you want to use, in our use case we have a specified volume for this backup but it-s better to have a separate dedicated hard disk. Next >

Click on Add and select the destination volume you want to put your backup on. Then click on Next > and then Finish. Now the Scheduled backup should be configured.

To immediately make a backup right click on Local Backup and click on Backup Once

Keep the default option of Scheduled Backup Option Click on Next >

Then click on Backup

Now the Server will make a backup of the selected drive.