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Rokan Othman

I now follow IT management


Komp u ter hulp
IT training centre

IT management Hardware, Computers, Network, Server.
The hague 
Sept. 2020..........


I am at my best as a team player, more or less due to my lack of work experience, which unfortunately I have not been able to acquire due to the war in Syria, but which I can quickly master with a team. With some adequate guidance you will find in me an enthusiastic creative worker who is involved in her work and who focuses on solution-oriented work and who wants to focus on decision making skills, client orientation, coordination skills and critical thinking about current work processes that might be more efficient.

Education and training

Dutch B1 en A2
Diplomas obtained in 2019

Driving license

Study period 2010-2012

Computer training Aleppo (Syria)
Degree/Title Diploma
Degree of study HBO (College) computer technology
Study period 2007-2010
C++, Visual Basic, HTML, Java

Salahadin High School, Aleppo (Syria)
Degree/title Exam passed successfully
Study period 2003-2006
VWO level
(High school)
Diploma obtained
Study period 1997-2003

Elementary school
Study period 1997-2003

Yasin, Aleppo (Syrie)

  • Skills

    • Languages
    • Dutch: reasonable / good
    • English: understanding
    • Arabic: fluent
    • Kurdish: fluent
    • Quick learning
    • Organized  

  • Interests

    • Programming
    • Photographing
    • Travel
    • Sports